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Domiciliary Care

This service allows you to live in your own home and receive the personalised care that you need to live life to the fullest. With complete respect for your privacy and dignity, we understand how to help you or your loved one handle everyday needs in a manner that leaves them feeling confident. We can help with bathing, daily grooming, dressing, toiletry needs, and dental care.

24-Hour Live In Care

We understand that when a loved one needs around the clock help, it’s not always possible for family members to be available 24/7. That’s why we offer carers who are able to provide 24-hour care, every day of the week. This way someone is always available to help you, and our carers can also help with cooking, cleaning, and other basic living needs.

Personal Care Assessments

Our experienced staff can assess the care that someone needs for personal care. Depending on an injury or illness, a person may be able to handle using the bathroom on their own, but needs assistance showering or getting dressed each morning. Our staff will review each situation and create a bespoke personal care plan so that you can continue a great quality of life.

Home Assessments

When you or a loved one need care, it’s important to assess any risk in the home. Our staff will assess your home and point out any areas that may pose a health risk, such as steep stairs or uneven walkways. This can help you prevent falls and other injuries Services.

  • Learning Disability Services/Autistic Spectrum Disorder /Aspegers 

Reliance Community Care provides quality services for people with learning disabilities. We provide flexible, person centred services to meet the different needs of our service users. Our services include those designed specifically for individuals based on their assessed needs as well as larger contracts which offer flexibility and choice to people with a range of needs.

Reliance Community Care is committed to providing high quality, person centred services which promote the independence, choice and inclusion of the people we support and we have an excellent track record for the delivery of services which are truly personalised.

  • Reliance Community Care has embraced the key themes of the government’s Valuing People White Paper and Valuing People Now. We have adopted a person centred approach to ensuring that people with learning disabilities and complex needs are valued by enabling them to make choices and letting them participate in key decisions about their lives.
  • The key part of our approach to Person Centred Planning is that the individual is at the centre of their plan, and is in control of their plan and what it contains. We make sure that service users and carers are fully involved in the development of Person Centred Plans.
  • All our employees working in services for people with learning disabilities are trained in Person Centred Planning: working in person centred ways, promoting rights and choices and developing Person Centred Plans (ELP, Path and MAP) with our service users. They are also trained to meet specialist communication needs so they can facilitate Person Centred Planning with service users who have little or no verbal communication, using communication techniques such as British Sign Language (BSL), Makaton and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS). This ensures that all service users are able to plan around their individual goals and preferences.
  • We believe that everyone has the potential to make decisions about their lives, and that Support Workers must be skilled in helping them to do this, regardless of a service user’s ability to communicate verbally. Reliance Community Care expects all staff to ‘listen’ carefully at all times to service users and take appropriate action based upon their wishes, intentions and dreams.

Our Values — Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Responsibility
  • Friendship
  • Compassion
  • Care
For all your care needs including:
  • Domiciliary care
  • PA (Personal Assistant) Services
  • Live in care
  • Support Work
  • Other Personalised packages
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